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Wheelersburg Animal Hospital is absolutely the best animal hospital around. They care about the animals and their humans so much. They try and ease the animal’s anxiety and answer all questions. We will never go anywhere else.

Julie A.

Taz was there for two nights the tech was super compassionate, caring, and knowledgeable. They kept me updated on his care. I thank you all so very much, for caring for my baby in his poor health.

Mary E.

The staff took amazing care of Sissy. They were very friendly and welcoming and the prices were a fraction of any of the other animal clinics we considered taking Sissy to, but now we finally know what’s going on with her and have a treatment plan and we’re more than pleased.


Drs Martin and Myers are very good, compassionate Drs who do everything possible for their patients. They provide love and care for their furry patients as well as a caring compassionate atmosphere for their owners (say, pet parents).

Suzanne H.

This is an awesome vet’s office. The staff is very friendly and helpful and the Vet actually takes the time to hear what’s going on with your pet. It’s really not expensive, it’s affordable. All and all your pet is in good hands.

Elizabeth W.

Thanks so much to the wonderful guy that took great care of my Sissy after another big Pitt split her open on her side and had to get 2 staples in her side. He saved her.. she’s doing great now. Thank you.

Heidi B.

This is the only animal hospital I have taken my pets to. They are very friendly, kind, and considerate of your animal as well as yourself. Make sure you get your flee medicine from there. Also, the ones you buy in Walmart, CVS, Family Dollar, or Dollar General, are okay but they’re not the best for your animal. They will still get fleas. Take it from me, I know, so go check them out. It’s right there by Kroger’s Big Lots, just in that little mall section there. Google it, you will find it, and thanks for reading my post.

Victoria B.

We just started going to this vet a couple of months ago and I have been very favorably impressed with everything so far. The care my aging schnauzer has gotten is top-notch. I’ve gone to a few others over the past 3 years due to multiple health issues that weren’t being well addressed by others and have finally found our veterinarian “home”. After being injured by a groomer my dog had been going steadily downhill, was over-medicated and was just listless and miserable. He is acting so much better now – enjoying life again and actually wanting to play. Thank you to all of the staff, we appreciate you!

Linda S.